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Band Saws, Horizontal Dual Column
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Waytrain heavy duty Bandsaw WH-510A 20 x 20 inch capacity. Single vise clamping. Hydraulic blade tension. Motor inverter controls blade speed and show in digital readout. Chip auto conveyer. Vise clamping pressure regulator. WAY TRAIN INDUSTRIES, with over 30 years of experience developing and producing bandsaws, they now have over 100 models types and supply to 50 industrialized countries, spanning five continents. Their products include band saw, auto bandsaw, sawing machine, horizontal sawing, cutting sawing machine, cutting bandsaw, double column sawing machine, angle cutting machine and angle sawing machine. All of their products are well received and especially popular in Europe and the Americas. Occupying an impressive share of the global market. We can offer a huge range of large Bandsaws please contact us for a quotation.


Specifications Cutting Capacity (HxW) ● 510 ■510 (20 inch) Blade Size 41 x 1.3 x 5840 mm Blade Speed 20 ~ 85 MPM Blade Motor 7.5 HP Hydraulic Motor 1 HP Coolant Motor 1/6 HP Hydraulic Tank 40 L Coolant Tank 120 L Table Height 740 mm Packing Size 2750 x 1100 x 2270 mm N.W / G.W 16600 Kg / 1870 Kg

$21,450.00 AUD
Band Saw Horizontal Dual Column
Band Saws, Horizontal Dual Column
$21,450.00 AUD