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Engineering machinery wanted.

* Oil Country Lathes (used). Hollow spindles 6" to 20"

* Cylindrical grinders with long bed. (Older machines acceptable)

* Horizontal Borers

* Vertical Borers

* Lathes

* Milling Machines

* Plate Working Machinery

* Hacksaws and Band Saws

And all types of large engineering machinery, complete plants and single items.
Most of the items we have listed are in our showrooms and are ex stock, we buy this type of equipment for cash or trade in.

Or we can also sell your machinery on a consignment basis from our floor or yours for a surprisingly low percentage margin.

We undertake to find a buyer from the thousands on our mailing list, or contact potential buyers.
If there is no sale there is no charge. No charge for inclusion in our normal advertising.

Trade in your under utilised machinery on any of our stock machines. 

Let us know what you have available. We offer an immediate response and cash settlement.