Lathe 560 Swing x 1600 mm Between centers.

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The Megabore Denver Model is a quality Taiwan built machine with good capacity yet light to operate. 560mm swing x1600mm lathe. (new). 62mm spindle bore. 3 & 4 Jaw chucks. Taper turning. 2 Axis DRO. FEATURES: 1. One-piece Meehanite casting machine base. 2. Metric & inch gear box with full range of inch, metric, DP, MP threading and multiple threads. 3. Bed ways & surface of compound rest have been ultra-frequency heat treated & ground to provide a longer life. 4. Cross way feeding guides screw: 2 points support for heavy cutting. 5. Length safety foot brake. 6. Dynamically balanced alloy spindle is adopted 3 points of bearing support. 7. The gears in headstock and spindle are hardened & precision ground.

Swing560 mm
Centers1,600 mm
Spindle Bore62 mm

SPECIFICATION ITEM LG - 560A MODEL 1600 CAPACITY Swing over bed 560mm (22.11") Swing over cross slide 380mm (15") Distance between centers 1600mm (63") BED Swing over gap 760mm (29.98") Width of bed 300mm (11.81") Width of gap 245mm (9.65") Length of bed 2550m (100.4") HEADSTOCK Spindle bore diameter Ø62mm Numbered of spindle speeds 12 steps Range of spindle speeds 25-1800 rpm Spindle nose ASA A2-6 Taper of spindle M.T.#6 1/2 CARRIAGE Width of carriage 430mm (17") Cross slide travel 270mm (10.63") Top slide travel (Compound rest travel) 130mm (5.12") Max. size cutting size 20mm x 20mm (0.79"x0.79") TAILSTOCK Diameter of barrel ø56mm (2.2") Travel of barrel 150mm (5.91") Taper of barrel MT 4 THREADS Lead screw dia.& pitch Dia 35mm Pitch 6mm x Dai.1"x 4 T.P.I Range of metric pitches 0.2-14mm (41 Nos) Range of inch pitches 2-56 T.P.I. (37 Nos) Diametrical pitches 8-44 D.P. (21 Nos) Range of module pitches 0.3-3.5 M.P. (18 Nos) FEEDS Feed rod diameter 22mm (0.87") Range of longitudinal feeds 0.04-1.0mm/rev (0.00157"-0.0394"in/rev) Range of cross feeds 0.05-1.25mm/rev (0.00197"-0.049"in/rev) MOTOR Main spindle motor 5HP (3.75kw) Coolant pump motor 1/8HP (0.1kw)

Equipped With

1. X&Z-axes auto. lubrication system 1 set 2. Metric / Inch Gear Box 1 set 3. Coolant Device 1 set 4. Longitudinal Apron Motion feed 1 set 5. Tailstock Two Steps Device (for LG series) 1 set 6. 3-jaw Scroll Chuck 9” (for LG series) 1 set 7. Back Plate of Chuck 1 set 8. Steady Rest Ø6” (grip range 15-125mm) 1 pc 9. Center Sleeve 1 set 10. Dead Center (2pcs/set) 1 set 11. Tool Post Screw Wrench 1 set 12. Level Pads 1 set 13. Tools & Tool Box 1 set 14. Operation Manual 1 set 15. Follow rest 1 set 16. Foot brake 1 set 17. 4-jaw independent chuck 12” 1 set 18. Digital readout (Sino, 2-Axes) for LG-1600 1 set 19. Back splash guard for LG-1600 1 set 20. Front Chuck guard 1 set 21. Taper turning attachment