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Lathes, Engine, Center
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The Megabore PB model is a robust heavy duty center lathe with very flexible specifications including center height and hollow spindles. Photos show some of the options available to configure your machine, Photos show some different configurations. Please contact us for a quote.

Swing Options45 and 60 inch
Swing Over Cross Slide Options33 ins, 37 ins, 49 ins
Center Options5 ft to 40 ft
Spindle Bore Options6 inch to 30 inch

SPECIFICATIONS BED Width (W/O auxiliary guide) 28.14 Width (W auxiliary guide) 31.49 CARRIAGE Cross slide travel 31.49 Compound tool post travel 19.68 4-way tool post width 10.03 THREAD FEED RANGE Metric and Imperial. Longitudinal feed mm/rev (in.rev) 0.045~2.55 (0.0018~0.1) Cross feed mm/rev (in.rev) 0.023~1.28 (0.0009~0.05) Longitudinal rapid feed mm/rev (in.rev) 2000 (78.74) Cross rapid feed mm/min (in/min) 1270 (50.00) Metric thread mm (kinds) 1~56 (60) Inch thread TPI (kinds) 1/2~28 (60) Module thread MOD (kinds) 0.25~14 (60) Diamteral pitch thread DP (kinds) 2~112 (60) Pitch of leadscrew mm (TPI) 12 (2) TAILSTOCK Quill diameter 5.70 (standard} Quill travel 7.87 Inner taper of quill MT#6 Bearing surface on the bed ways 23.62 MOTOR Main spindle motor KW (HP) 22(30)-STD. 29(40) / 37(50)-OPT. Coolant pump motor KW (HP) 0.1 (0.125) Note : (1) X and Z axes actual cutting diameter will change when equipped with different turrets. (2) Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement FEATURES * One piece bed, floor type casting. * 2 shear bed way with extra way supporting the apron. * All ways are hardened and ground. * Alloy steel spindle with opposed taper roller bearings. * Hardened and ground gears, shafts. * Electromagnetic spindle brake. * 18-speed geared headstock. * 6-way rapid traverse and power feed to top slide. * Totally enclosed universal inch / metric gear box. * Carriage position device. * Dual voltage spindle motor, 30 to 50 HP. * Pressurized one shot lube system for cross slide and carriage.

Equipped With

STANDARD EQUIPMENT * 1 dead center, MT #6. * 2-speed tailstock quill (manual). * One piece stainless steel leadscrew cover. * Coolant pump. * Follow type splash guard. * Rear side chip and water collect plate. * Thread chasing dial. * Water and oil collect plate under apron. * Work lamp.

45 to 60 inch swing.
Lathes, Engine, Center