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Lathes, Oil Field & Hollow Spindle
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The Megabore LC series is a flat bed configuration CNC lathe that offers an economical price with large capacity. One of our best selling machines, and comes in several center heights and spindle bore options. Starting with the LC35 (Swing in inches) and from 6in (150 mm) to 22ins HS. Features. * One piece bed, floor type casting. * Alloy steel spindle with opposed taper roller bearings. * All gears in the headstock are hardened and precisely ground. * Automatic ranges of spindle speed through pneumatic gear shift. * Spindle speed ranges are automatically changed by M code. * Infinitely variable speed are commanded by S code. * Tool change are commanded by T code. * Auto lubrication system is equipped for headstock, carriage, and cross-slide. * Precision tapered roller bearings are equipped on the spindle and the quill. * The quill is heat treated and precisely ground. * Internal taper of quill to suit MT#6 dead center or live centre. * Turcite B anti friction material is applied on cross slide and carriage for reduce friction. * X and Z axis ballscrews are protected by covers to prevent ingress of swarf / chips and coolant. Contact us for a quotation.

Spindle Bore31"
ControlCNC (Fanuc or client specified,)

Centre height mm (in.) 445 (17.51) 510 (20.07) 575 (22.63) 645 (25.39) Swing over bed mm (in.) 880 (34.64) 1010 (39.76) 1135 (44.68) 1275 (50.19) Swing over cross slide mm (in.) 510 (20.07) 630 (24.80) 760 (29.92) 900 (35.43)

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Equipped With

Standard * Hydraulic H4 turret. * Rotating tailstock quill with 235mm diameter. * Motorized tailstock body and quill movement. * FANUC 0i-TF series complete with manual guide and thread repair. * Front and rear chip conveyor.

CNC Lathe 21in hollow spindle Megabore 50 in Swing new.

CNC Lathe 21in hollow spindle Megabore 50 in Swing new.
Lathes, Oil Field & Hollow Spindle