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The MV series traveling column machining centers are designed for the application of multi-function vertical milling & machining solutions. Table sizes range from MV-206 (2500 mm x 800 mm) to (8500 x 1000 mm) MV-810, in 17 models. This machining center series could be equipped with Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens, or Mitsubishi controls. The major benefit of this fixed table traveling column machine structure is to have consistent production of long parts and workpieces. The fixed working table allows effortless utilization of various fixtures for easy tool setting. The increase in productivity will enable shops to quickly turn over parts. To solve the challenge of high product mix and low volume, LYMCO traveling column machine enables the processing of multiple workpieces at a time. The standard zone splitter as well as standard CNC preset multiple work zone allow loading and unloading simultaneously while the machine cuts at a different work zone. Different customers had diverse needs. For example, the detachable fixed working table will allow a floor type configuration, a dual rotary table as a dual station milling center, or even an extended length as a screw manufacturing machine. Customer aiming at high productivity could utilize the stationary nature of the work table to implement advanced automation solutions from automated inventory control, guided resupply robots, to autoload and unload, cutting, and inspection. Reliability Oversized roller type linear guideway on 3 axes to provide low starting inertia and high acceleration rates. ATC The tool magazine and cam box unit are sitting on machine saddle, by moving with the column, the tool change time is minimized. Up to 8 meters MV traveling column machine can handle long parts with a workpiece holding table as long as 8500 x 800mm. Ideal for automation The alternation of vertical or horizontal spindle orientation opens up possibilities for different kinds of production parts. The flexibility of table detachable design allows various fixturing and auto clamping technologies to be applied to the milling solution. Long workpiece specialization Best stability and reliability for long workpieces that requires tight tolerance and long cutting hours. Milti-zone specialization Standard physical zone splitter and CNC preset multiple work zone setting provides a non-stop part swap to maximize machining hour.

X2,000 mm
X Axis Alternitave:3000 mm - 4000 - 6000 - 7000 - 8000 mm
Y600 mm
Y Axis Alternitave:600 - 800 - 1000 mm
Z550 mm
Z Axis Alternitave:700 - 800 mm
Table Size2500 mm x 600 mm
Table Size Alternitave:(3500 x 600) (4500 x 600) (6500 x 600) also x 800 wide. Up to 8500 x 1000 wide.
Table Loading:1000 kg up to 8000 kg
Weight14 Tons - 29 tons
Traveling Column Machining Center. CNC
Machining Centers Vertical