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The Megabore Denver is suitable for turning large diameters for heavy machine shops, aerospace etc. 1. Base (1) One piece casting work with reinforced inner structure, extra 3rd support to be suitable for processing of large work piece and enhanced heavy-duty cutting ability. (2) The gap part base special with reinforced structure, it is no influence on cutting stability to break the gap for necessary. 2. Spindle (1) Bore 152mm, 16-step speed change, turbine speed change mechanism with no easy speed jumping and three-point support for the box. (2) Fitted with adjustable, electromagnetic brake for easy braking adjustment according to different work piece materials and speed. (3) Gear and shaft are made of super alloy material with bearings to offer durable cutting and low production noise. (4) Sealed oil bath lubrication system with enforced oil supply by mechanical pump to achieve better lubrication effects. 3. Apron feeding device Swift transmission, positive and negative rotation movement and safety device with auto sealed oil bath lubrication & cross rapid feeding. 4. Saddle Anti-friction processed surface with regular oil injection, lubricated and friction endurable. 5. Electrical control 20HP Motor, 2 stage safety start-up device and overloading power cut system. 6. Castings FC-30 steel are used for main structures like base, spindle, saddle, which are annealed and have no deformation. 7. Processing Base, spindle, saddle, alot surface of traveling plate, tool base sliding table, tail shaft pipe are high frequency treated, precision ground for extended service life. Optional accessories, 1. Strong Tailstock device 2. Face plate with 4-jaw 70" 3. Coolant device 4. Spindle bore (230mm) 9" 5. Spindle nose:A2-15 6. Spindle nose:A2-20


Model HF-1500 HF-2000 HF-2500 Capacity Swing over Bed 1500 2000 2500 Swing over cross slide 1100 1600 2100 Distance between centers 1000 Bed Swing over gap 1900 2400 2900 Width of Bed 2010 (79") Length of Bed 1150 Bed way 3 ways Headstock Spindle bore diameter 152 (6") OP: 230 (9") Numbered of spindle speeds 16 steps Range of spindle speeds 4~420 rpm Spindle nose ASA A2-11 / OP:A2-15,A2-20 Top slide travel(Compound rest travel) 370(14.57") Max. size cutting size 40 x 40(1.57" x 1.57") Motor Main spindle Motor 30HP (22.5kw) Coolant pump Motor 1/8HP (0.1kw) Color Upper parts+ lower parts light gray white RAL-7035 + blueRAL-5015 * The Measurement be required. * We reserve the right to modify and improve our products without notice.

Equipped With

1. Lubricating device for Headstock 2. Spindle Motor :30HP 3. Magnetic brake 4. Metric / Inch gearbox 5. Longitudinal & cross rapid feeding 6. XZ-axes auto lubrication 7. XZ-axes with Turcite-B 8. Face plate with 4-jaw 60" 9. Dead center 10. Center sleeve 11. Tool post screw wrench 12. Level pads 13. Tools & tool box 14. Operation manual

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