Horizontal machining centers
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ZENTRUM's spindle design based on technological cooperation with Japanese developers. This feature allows the spindle to sit in the middle of the column frame (box), thus forming a box-in-box structure. Additional stability is provided by dual Y-axis ball screws. The Zentrum comes in 2 configurations 110R2 and 110R3. Specs for R2 with R3 Alternative listed. Accuracy by design Massive 2+4 base design, TWO box ways paired by FOUR linear along the Z axis feed provide unparalleled support for heavy cutting on different applications. Box type hardness steel guideway with anti-friction Fluorine resin and forced-lubrication been applied for large-size machine and provided for the X, and Z axis guideways, positioning are performed with excellent accuracy and smooth stick/slip-free slide movements are assured. Table for heavy jobs Stable movements, accurate indexing and precision positioning almost uninfluenced by the weight of the work are assured for the rotary table. On the other hand, hydrostatic slideways technology are applied for table loading over 30 tons, the highly rigid structural components, and the efficient drive system Built for heavy duty The stable performance for milling, drilling and boring operations on heavy workpieces of large dimensions.

X2,000 mm
X Travel Alternative:3000 mm (R3)
Y1,600 mm
Y Travel Alternative:2000 mm (R3)
Z1,300 mm
Z Travel Alternative:1500 mm (R3)
Quill Travel:400 /600 mm
Table Size:1400 x 1600 mm
Table Size Alternative:1600 x 1800 mm (R3)
RPM2,500 RPM
Spindle Speed Alternative:4000
Weight29 Tons - 32 Tons (R3)

X axis (mm) ZENTRUM-110R2 2000 mm ZENTRUM-110R3 3000 mm Y axis (mm) 1600 ZENTRUM-110R3 2000 mm Z axis (mm) table stroke 1300 mm ZENTRUM-110R3 1500 mm W axis (mm) quill stroke 400 (600) 400 (600) Table loading capacity (kg) 8,500 10,000 Table size (mm) 1400 X 1600 1600 X 1800 Max. spindle speed (rpm) 2500 (4000) 2500 (4000) Max. spindle torque (Nm) 910 910 Rapid travel X, Y, Z, W (mm/min) 10,000/ 10,000/10 ,000/30 00 10,000/ 10,000/10 ,000/3,000 Cutting feed (mm/min) 5000 5000 Machine weight (kg) 29,000 32,000

Machining Center X=2000 Y= 1600 mm = 1300 mm CNC

Machining Center X=2000 Y= 1600 mm = 1300 mm CNC
Horizontal machining centers